One in nine people worldwide lacks access to safe drinking water and rising demand is outpacing supply in some parts of the world. But smart new technlogies hold out hope we can tackle the growing water crisis.

There is more than enough fresh water on the planet to meet everyone’s needs, but that water is not available in sufficient quantities where it is needed. As a result, water scarcity is on the greatest challenges the planet faces today.


Supplies of safe drinking water are dwindling, and population growth, urbanization and changing lifestyles will only make the problem worse. According to one study, by 2030 water supplies will satisfy only 60 percent of global demand, and less than 50 percent in many developing regions where water supply is already under stress. 

There is no magic bullet, but technologies such as waterless toilets, ingenious water purification systems and water-efficient plants, could play a key role in ensuring that everyone gets access to the water they need. 

  • There are roughly 1.38bn cubic metres of water on the planet
  • Only 1% of all water on the planet is drinkable, and two-thirds of what is drinkable is inaccessible
  • About 3,600km3 of water is withdrawn for human use annually. Of this, 70% goes to irrigation, 20% to industry and 10% is used by households
  • About 880m people lack access to safe drinking water
  • Bad water causes more than 2m deaths each year, most of them children



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