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Alfa Laval three-screw pump

Alfa Laval ALP pump range



The ALP pump is optimised for mineral oil applications and developed with a specific focus on marine and industrial

Typical marine and industrial low pressure applications are:

• Supply and circulation of fuel, ranging from gas oil to heavy fuel oils
• Transfer of fuel oil on board ships, in power stations and oil facilities
• Oil circulation in hydraulic systems
• Lubricating oil circulation for cooling and separation
• Circulation of lubricating oil for diesel engines, gearboxes etc.



Key benefits of the ALP pump design are:
• Minimized life cycle cost
• Low maintenance
• High quality
• Environmentally friendly
• High volumetric efficiency
• High energy efficiency



ALP pumps are characterised by a compact design consistingof few components reducing complexity of the pump and easing the handling. Pump screws of hardenedmaterial enable tight internal tolerances ensuringstable pump capacity over time.

The shaft seal design optimizes the lubrication of the seal faces and improves air evacuation, while the seal chamberis built to efficiently prevent building up of residue. This combined with the use of a high qualityball bearing, positioned outside the product zone, reduces the risk of thermal impacts and avoids exposure to the pumped liquid. Thus, maintenance requirements are reduced to a minimum.

Port connections

Flange SAE J 518/ISO 6162, PN16, at the top (ALP0015–
0085) or in inline configuration (ALP0100–0280).


According to the IEC metric standard:
• 2 poles = 2,900/3,500 rpm at 50/60 Hz
• 4 poles = 1,450/1,750 rpm at 50/60 Hz
• 6 poles = 950/1,200 rpm at 50/60 Hz
• IP55, insulation class ICLF, efficiency class IE2


Pump testing

Every individual pump is performance tested before leaving
the factory.
Upon request the Alfa Laval ALP pump may be certified
according to the following class societies: ABS, BV, CCS,


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