Alfie 500 for cost-effective cleaning of coolants


Separator system

Using high-speed centrifugal separation makes it possible to extend the life of your service fluids. Alfa Laval’s disc-stack separators provide fast, efficient, simultaneous three-phase separation of oil and sludge. 

Alfie 500 removes contaminating oil, grease and solid particles from coolants. The result is lower costs due to reduced fluid consumption, lower disposal costs and improvements in both product quality and working environment.

Alfie 500 is a complete compact system, including separator, feed pump and control system. The control panel makes it easy to operate. The Alfie 500 has a high capacity-to-size ratio. Handling tanks have volumes of up to 15 m3. Alfie 500 is installed in a bypass system and operates continuously.

User-friendly operation

Operator convenience is a key parameter in the design of the Alfie 500. The PLC-based control system is operated by means of a control panel. The symbols and messages in clear text are easy to understand. Quick couplings make it easy to connect the hoses when the cleaning unit is moved
from tank to tank.

With its compact and ergonomic design, Alfie 500 is easy to move across the workshop floor. And you can use it to serve several tanks or just one.

1- Solid particles accumulate inside the rotating bowl. When the bowl requires cleaning, it can be opened with a few simple operation.

2- When the tramp oil has reached a certain level in the collecting tank, a microswitch is activated, stopping the cleaning process and turning on an indicator light.

3- The surface of the rotating bowl is coated with a material that is 12 times harder than steel.

4- Large wheels make it easy to move Alfie 500 even when the floor is not entirely smooth.

5- Suction hose with surface suction device.

6- Hose for return of clean liquid.

Meeting your needs

To meet all your needs, Alfa Laval offers a wide range of stationary or mobile separator systems for all types of fluids. Our offering ranges from systems with capacities suitable for smaller workshops to larger systems designed to clean complex and heavily contaminated fluids. 

Our global organization guarantees easy start-up and, if you need a helping hand, an Alfa Laval service engineer is always close by. To support your operations further, Alfa Laval has a network of distributors and service partners who are always available to assist you. We call this Nonstop Performance.


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